General Notes

Anytime you want to add or edit some content, go to the URL You’ll be prompted to log in and then you’ll land on your Dashboard page. Here you can see a brief overview of the site, including the number of Posts and Pages you currently have. Along the left side are your main controls. The only sections you’ll need to deal with on a regular basis are Pages, and Events. Pages handles most of your site content while Events handles the individual events you are promoting.

WordPress does a good job of explaining its default usage in contextual Help tabs on each page of the backend. Whenever you are in the Admin Screens, clicking the Help tab in the top right corner will provide you with a lot of useful information. It also provides external links under the “For more information” section of these Help tabs. This should get you pretty far in answering general WordPress questions. For things more specific to your site, read on.



When you click the Pages tab, you’ll see the full list of pages. You’ll notice a few of these are marked private. That means they are hidden from public view so are typically for our development purposes or this guide. Click on any of these page titles to go to the edit screen for that page.


Click here to view this page, or here to edit.

This page uses the Homepage template and you should see it selected in the Page Attributes box in the right sidebar of the edit screen. This page template loads the events, instagram, social media, and reservation widgets when viewing this page.

The main edit box for this page handles all the content that is viewed in the right area of the page. Currently it features a Heading with Heading 2 applied, then a Large sized image, then the text.

To set regular text to a heading 2, first highlight the desired text and make sure it is on its own line. Look for the action buttons at the top of the main textarea. If you only see one row of button, click the last button in the row to reveal a second row of additional buttons. The first box in this second row is a drop down selector you can use to apply Heading 2 or 3 to your text.

To learn more about inserting and managing images, as well as manipulating text, click on the Help tab in the upper right of your screen.

Menu Page

Click here to view this page, or here to edit.

This page uses the Menu Page template and you should see it selected in the Page Attributes box in the right sidebar of the edit screen.

All of the menu details are handled in the main textarea in the center of the page. Generally the rules for applying the styles to the different lines of a menu are as follows:

Menu Title = Heading 2

Menu subtitle and Menu item titles = Heading 4

second lines of each menu item are just regular paragraphs.

You can read more about applying these styles in the Home page example above.

Events Page

Click here to view this page, or here to edit.

This page uses the Events Page template and you should see it selected in the Page Attributes box in the right sidebar of the edit screen.

The only special note about this page, is that it features an image slider. On the edit screen, below the main textarea is a box labeled Event Images. In this textarea insert the Medium sized images you’d like to display on this page. Please do not add additional text, images only.

Special Events Pages

You have the ability to add special events pages, such as the New Year’s or Valentines pages. To create a new page click on the Add New link under Pages in the left sidebar of the admin panel. If you are featuring a menu on this event page it is a good idea to set the page template to the Menu Page option. After adding your page content and clicking the big blue Update button in the top right of the edit screen, you can view the page using the View Page button at the very top of the screen.

Once your page is created and looking correct, you can add it to the main navigation. See the section on Managing the Main Menu.

Managing the Main Menu

In the Appearance section in the left sidebar of you admin panel there is a link to the Menus edit screen. Here you can add and remove pages that appear in the main navigation of your site.

First make sure you have selected the Header tab so you are working with the main navigation. You should see a list of all the pages currently in your main navigation. To add a page, look for the Pages box on the lower left and check the box next to the page you wish to add. Then clock the Add to menu button. The page should appear in your Header list. To rearrange the order of this list, simply drag and drop the items into the desired order. Take care not to nest items under others, which will look like one or more item is indented some to the right. To remove an item from the list, simply click on the grey triangle to the right of that item and in the dropdown, click the remove button.


Regular events that don’t require there own page in the main navigation can be created in the Events section in the left sidebar of the admin panel. Add your main content in the main textarea, and be sure to follow the instructions for each additional box in the Event Details and Gallery section.