Executive Chef Mike Crowley

Patina is pleased to announce the hiring of Chef Mike, who brings over eighteen years of culinary experience, as the new Executive Chef.

Chef Mike created the menu at the Belle and James, where he was the executive chef for several years. Most recently he was a chef at Antler and Fin, and was the executive chef at Max’s on Broad. Chef Mike has exceptional knowledge of food preparation and techniques, each of which will have representation on Patina’s new menu. He embraces the philosophy of serving inventively prepared dishes, crafted to evoke full flavors through the use of the highest quality seasonal ingredients, creative composition and sound cooking technique.

Chef Mike shares Patina’s farm to fork philosophy. He is committed to using local and sustainable foods and building relationships with local farmers. Chef Mike believes in creating a fresh seasonal menu with quality foods that are in an affordable price range to make dining out an enjoyable experience for all of Patina’s clientele. Seasonality and sustainability will be first and foremost in the menu making process, with a profound sense of respect and care put into sourcing the best farm and pasture products to the table.

The hard work and dedication of the kitchen crew at Patina Restaurant earned a spot in Richmond Magazines “Top 25 Restaurants in Richmond”.


Owner Joel Hagman